KK approaches coaching with excitement and willingness. She listens to your goals and creates a plan to safely work towards them but she also listens to your concerns and helps alleviate those by talking it out with you until you regain your mojo. When you have those self-doubt moments, she is there to kick you back into high gear. The accountability she gives is unmatched- and she is always just a message away. When you are faced with the Polar Vortex, she is flexible in the plan to create workouts you can do to keep up your training inside, which was a huge help since I was only a few weeks out from my race when that hit my area.

Oh nearly forgot- how that is possible, I don’t know because it was one of the best things I experienced with KK. She presents challenges. And if she sees that you are smashing those challenges, she ups the bar. She is not going to let you coast by and just be. She wants you to keep going after being the best you can be. I would never have done speed drills on my own but having the accountability to do them, pushed me and I was always amazed by the outcome. KK wasn’t. She knew I could do them. That is how a coach should be- seeing things in you that you don’t see yourself and helping you reach that point where you see it to.

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