About the Coach


Hi there! I’m KK Hoey (she/her) and I want to be your running coach. Running has completely transformed my life in incredible ways, and I want to share that transformation with you! I’ve run seven half marathons, a Spartan, and four Ragnar Relays, with plans for more and longer distances. I’ve worked out a good system of running, cross-training, weight lifting, goal-setting, and accountability that really works for me, and I am certified by the Road Runners Club of America as a Level 1 running coach.

Along the way, I’ve learned incredible amounts about how the body operates, what causes injury, nutrition, and how to get stronger, faster, and feel better. Above all, I have had some truly incredible experiences that would never have happened without the fitness and confidence I have gained from running.

My relationship with running took awhile to develop – I started in college by running on the treadmill in my apartment complex, but had no idea what I was doing, so I eventually stopped. I picked it back up again in graduate school to run my first 5k race, and that’s when I got hooked on races. I ran several 5ks, mud runs, an 8k, a duathlon, and eventually a couple triathlons before I fell off the running wagon again.

Three years ago I realized I needed to make a change, so I went back to running; only this time, I was more methodical. I discovered the run/walk method. I set intermediate and long-term goals. I made training programs, and I started strength training. And it has been working!

I will never be the fastest runner, or the one who can run the farthest, but I hope to be one of those old ladies who is still running into their 80s and beyond. In my view, running is about creating a lifestyle in which fitness and health are intertwined with joy, connection, and meaning.

In other words, my running journey is a meaningful part of my overall life’s journey, but it is not the sole focus. Running allows me to live better, feel healthier, and engage more with my friends, family, and community.

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