Step 1: Show Up

Hello! Long time, no blog! I want 2022 to be the year I show up for myself and for this blog. Today’s topic: showing up is the first step.

I have not been as consistent with workouts as I would like to be, for the past….10 months…..3 years? There’s been a fair amount going on in my life in the past 2 years in particular:

  • I ended a long-term relationship, did my own thing for awhile, then started a new relationship.
  • Freeloaders*ahem* my besties lived in my basement for about 10 months.
  • I got a new job during the pandemic, which started out very slow, but has been picking up in the past 8 months. It can be annoyingly stressful, and very overwhelming.
  • I received a new mental health diagnosis, which means new meds and treatment.
  • And then, of course, all of that *gestures vaguely at the world.*

Some of these things I can figure out or manage, some will or have resolved on their own, some of them I have very little power over. What I *can* manage is showing up for myself. I *know* I feel better when I work out consistently, when I eat real food 80% of the time, and when I get enough sleep and water. So my aim for the next few months is to work on being consistent, little by little. I made a goal to start going to morning Orangetheory classes once a week, starting today. I did *not* want to get up for my 7:30am class this morning. But I had already set myself up for success to go – healthy dinner, went to bed early, and set out clothes. Crucially, I had communicated with my partner what I wanted to do, and what I needed to do that ). When I wanted to make our planned meal for dinner, he helped. When I wanted to go to bed last night, he didn’t try to convince me to stay up for another episode. And when I had excuses this morning, he countered them (nicely!). Excuses rendered useless, body and clothes prepped…..I told myself I just needed to get to the studio and that I could power walk instead of jog. And that’s what I did. I showed up, listened to my body and my mind, took it easy-ish on the tread, but pushed myself on strength. Then I came home and made a Daily Harvest smoothie with protein powder, and will take it easy for the rest of the day, making sure I hydrate and stretch frequently.  Next time, I’ll push a little harder! Or not, depending on how I feel; but the crucial part is that I will be there!

Happy running!

Image: Step one is showing up!

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