I’m a 2019 Tailwind Nutrition Ambassador!

Super cool badge indicating I am a 2019 Tailwind Nutrition Ambassador

This morning, I got the email that I have been selected to be a 2019 Tailwind Ambassador! Huzzah! I am super excited because I really believe in Tailwind’s products. I use their Endurance Fuel in my hydration bladder for all of my long runs, and if it’s an early morning run, a race, or I know I’ll need an extra kick, I use the caffeinated version. Tailwind provides complete fuel and electrolyte needs in a light tasting formula that is easy on the stomach. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a long run, out in the middle of nowhere, and realizing that your stomach is not quite a fan of your fuel!

Since Tailwind Endurance Fuel is a water additive, it hydrates as it replenishes what you’re losing as you’re working hard. The formula is specifically designed to absorb into an athlete’s body quickly and easily. Also, since it’s added to your water supply, from which you are taking small sips during your activities, you get a steady stream of nutrients, and not just a bunch of stuff dropped into your stomach all at once.

Tailwind’s Endurance Fuel is marketed as the only product you’ll need all day, really! And for the most part, that’s pretty true for me. I do sometimes get tummy rumblies, especially if it’s cooler out so I’m not drinking as much water as I should (bad KK! need to work on that). I do carry a granola bar or other form of protein, or will chew on a sports gummy, because I’m the kind of person where once I’ve realized I’m hungry, I can’t think of anything else! BUT this is simply to relieve a minor physical discomfort – I don’t really need to do this for energy!

I also use Tailwind Recover after workouts, which is their protein powder. I love this product – it dissolves quickly, it tastes great, and it does really help me avoid the post-workout munchies and alleviates soreness! Also, the fact that it is gluten free, vegan, soy free, and dairy free, means that A LOT of people can use it!

If you have any questions about Tailwind products, feel free to ask! Enjoy your run!


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