Why should you hire a running coach?

There is a common misconception out there that running is easy and all you have to do is lace up, head out the door, and go. While you could do this, that doesn’t mean that you should! Whether you’re totally new to running, have run a few 5k or 10k races, or are an experienced marathoner, using a running coach can push you to new heights, and have more fun doing it.

When I first started running, I had literally no idea what I was doing. Over the years, I’ve tried different plans and followed different advice. Some things have worked, some haven’t. Some things took me a long time to realize they didn’t work, and that wasn’t because *I* wasn’t doing them right, it’s because they weren’t right *for me.* Eventually, I figured out a system that works for me, and I’ve since surpassed my goals in ways I had NEVER thought possible.

I’m not a paragon of running. I’m not superfast. I’m probably never going to be on the podium. But I know I can achieve my goals because I finally found a method of running that suits my body, my mentality, and my lifestyle. But it took FOREVER to get there. A coach can help you figure that out much, much quicker, and then devise a training plan specific to YOUR goals, YOUR schedule, and YOUR idea of how running will fit into YOUR life.

Additionally, a coach can help you work on proper running form to maximize efficiency and minimize the risk of injury. Your coach will be your cheerleader, motivator, shoulder to cry on, and partner. They’ll check you when you’re getting too ambitious, and push you when you’re being too safe. They’ll take a lot of the brainwork out of training, so all YOU have to do is the running, strength-training, or recovery they tell you to do. They’ll help you figure out what muscles are weak or tight and figure out strategies to strengthen or loosen them to avoid injury. They can recommend gear if you’re having hydration or chafing issues. Overall, their goal will be to get you across that finish line when and where you want, hopefully with a smile on your face. So the real question is, why haven’t you hired a running coach *yet*?


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